Having a van

First, we had to find our van. We spent humongous amounts of time searching on internet and visited dozens of vans all around Edmonton. To find a van that would serve us well for one year, as a car, a home, and a photographic medium, is not easy.

Then we had to choose. After a week of searching, we fell in love with a Ford Econoline 150 from 1988. It was used for a movie about Terry Fox a few years ago, the exterior looks shiny new and the interior is cosy and welcoming. It needed some love and care, so we decided to take the leap. Little did we know that we were not nearly finished.

Insurance, inspection, registration, reparations, it seemed like it would never end. There was also the fun side of moving in : buying bowls and cups, rugs and covers, cushions and a coffee maker, making new curtains…

Three weeks later, we are now ready to take the road, and hopefully for a long journey. We are leaving tomorrow towards Vancouver Island with our friends Fabien and Agnieszka who will travel with us for ten days. Creedence Clearwater in our ears, a nice engine sound, and a wonderful weather : we look forward to hitting the road!


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