Three days in Yosemite Valley

There are places of which you have heard and seen so much already, that you tend to apprehend the real experience. What if it is not as breathtaking, what if it is not all you had hoped for? Entering Yosemite erased all those worries at once.

Yosemite Valley is splendid in the mist and dazzling in the sunshine, it is bewitching down in the forest and stunning up on the mountains. It is wonderful in the morning when the mist comes up, radiant in the afternoon when the sun is highest, and lovely in the evening when the red sun rays shine bright on the mountains.

Yosemite is a place to which you could go hundreds of times and still have different experiences each time.

We wonder how it would be in spring or summer, but we think that early winter might be the best time to visit Yosemite, because the crowds are much smaller and thus the experience of nature is much stronger.

Our experience would have been much less comfortable without our sponsors Laundromat, Boreal, Rohner and Cragghoppers, who provided us with warm sweaters, scarfs, gloves and hats, waterproof walking shoes, warm socks and waterproof pants!


2 thoughts on “Three days in Yosemite Valley

  1. Nature, that what is stillness and complete development always in consult. Shy vulnerability and untouched exuberance all at once. Enjoy. Thank you for sharing this beauty.

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