Arches National Park

When you see pictures of the park, you may imagine a bunch of Arches sprouting from nowhere. In reality, things a little more complicated : you don’t see them as easily as you would think.

Some of them are easily accessible, and thus crowded with tourists, coming from all around the world to take selfies in front or below the arches. Imagine tourists at the Eiffel Tower, but worse. Some of the arches, though, are further away from the crowds.

We left at sunrise for a 5 hour hike passing a bunch of arches. After “Landscape Arch”, though, we probably took an animal trail instead of the actual trail, and only realised that we were lost an hour later. We turn around and around, went up and down, surrounded by mountains and desert. Seven hours and a bunch of arches later, we finally arrived back at our van.

Arches was nice, but we felt like going to a museum. It is difficult to be alone in that park, and instead of looking at the beauty of nature in general, visitors are incited to look just at the arches.


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