Bryce National Park

Probably because of road movies that often set place during the summer time, we thought that places surrounded by red rocks were hot and sunny all year long. After having spent 10 days in Southern Utah we understood that we were mistaken. Bryce Canyon is at an altitude of about 2500m (8000ft).

If on our first day we hiked under a sunny sky, the weather forecast predicted clouds, rain, cold and snow for the next two days. We decided to wait for the sun and went fishing. While Alex was throwing big rocks to make holes on frozen Panguitch Lake to fish under the ice, everything froze in the van. The temperature dropped down at -15°F (-26°C)! During ten days, we woke up in a frozen van : water tanks, windows, coffee maker and even the outside of our blanket (on top of our sleeping bags).

But here is one of the rewards : a morning hike in Bryce Canyon covered with pure white snow, a graal for photographers and hikers.


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