Grand Canyon National Park

We arrived on the south rim of the Grand Canyon between Christmas and New-Year’s Eve.

“The South-Rim madness”, John Muir called it. It is indeed madness, how much tourists there were. Viewpoints, lodges, stores, restaurants… there seemed hardly any place left where is was not crowded and noisy.  It was like a dream breaking and shattering in a million pieces. As soon as we arrived, we decided that we didn’t want to remember the Grand Canyon like this.

So we went on a 4-days hike the next morning. It was a relief, to leave all those people on the top and find silence and wonderment again, as we descended into the gigantic canyon. Being in the Grand Canyon is a totally different experience than looking at it from the top. Hiking makes you really realize how big it is, how small you are, how silent and peaceful the nature is without the crowd : you start to hear trees cracking, the wind blowing and birds chirping.

We enjoyed to adapt our lifestyle to nature and sunlight. Hiking for most part of the days, we would go into our tent and sleeping bags as soon as the sun and temperature went down, only to come out again at sunrise.

4 days, 50km and 2000m ascension later, we were back up on the top. The view of the Grand Canyon was so much more beautiful and impressive, now that we had been down, and the inside of our van looked like a palace.


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