San Felipe

What matters is the environment in which we place our little house, not how big it is. In San Felipe, we found the perfect spot. A little and calm Campground called “La Palapa”, just in front on the sea of Cortez.

There is much and more to say about this place that seems somewhat simple : the fact that the owners are kind and hard-working; that the main tourists are retired Canadians or Americans, going south for the winter; that there is here an endangered species of porpoises, the “Vaquita” (estimated to be 60 left in the whole world, and only in the sea of Cortez), endangered by illegal fishermen using gillnets we could hear every night (Sea Shepherd and the government try to stop them but it is not that simple, read more about it here)…

But let us talk about a simple thing : the sunrises and sunsets, and how we came to live accordingly. For one month, we have been living with the back doors of our van open. At sunset, we would have a beautiful spectacle of light blues, pinks and reds (the sun setting in the opposite direction), while we sat there drinking our beer, playing the ukulele and the harmonica, reading, or working on our pictures. Little by little, stars appeared, and the moon would come up, and we would make our bed. Each morning, we woke up at around 6, just a little before sunrise, and enjoyed the view of our “back-yard” : birds flying by, some dogs running around, the waves going slowly up and down, while the sun came up. Analyzing the colors and shapes of sunrises, we got up happy and satisfied by this nice beginning of our day.

We enjoyed this simple and sedentary month so much. But one month was enough, we were ready to hit the road again!


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