On the road again

From Baja California, Mexico to New Mexico. We decided to drive a lot in a few days, as we couldn’t avoid the big interstate to go east. This seemed to be a little problematic, as we usually don’t drive faster than 90km/h (55 miles per hour), especially when it is very windy like that day.
Most surprisingly, we were pulled off by a police officer, who told us we were too slow. “But we can’t drive much faster, officer, which other road could we take to go where we need to go?”, we asked him kindly. To that, he responded, “there is no other road, you’ll have to drive faster is all!”. This sounded crazy to us, as trucks were passing us at 120km/h (75 miles per hour), which seemed too fast for trucks…
But we continued, a little faster but not without caution, avoiding the interstate whenever we could. The few little roads along the highway led us to desolated landscapes, abandoned houses and countless birds, far better than the big inhumaine interstate…

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