White Sands National Monument

This place can leave you speechless for days. It is hard to describe, but when you are there, you can feel it immediately. It is a place of magic and amazement, of wonder and excitement.
Not wanting to miss one second of it, we decided to go backcountry camping for a night. Although you can not see it on the pictures, it was quite cold. So at 3 in the morning, awoken by a very cute kit fox (no pictures there, unfortunately, it ran away as soon as we pointed our head-light at it) and the cold, we decided to get up and repack our tent as we could sleep no more. One hour later, we were safely back in our van, enjoying warm tea and a very early breakfast, waiting for the sun to come up and trying to spot another kit fox.
But it was all worth it, for we had experienced the sunset and the night sky in the white dunes, and we had watched the sun rising and all the colors that came with it.

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