Colorado and Nebraska

It is not winter anymore, but not yet spring either. The grass is still yellow, but there is no snow covering it anymore. The trees are still leafless, but birds start to chirp again. The blue sky and sun are playing hide-and-seek, while we struggle everyday to choose what to wear. No wonder we changed our mind a couple of times concerning our way up to Canada.
We chose some weeks ago not to go to New Orleans (our original plan), but instead, to stay in the West. There were yet so many things and places to discover here, and we figured that there was less nature in the East anyway.
Our main stop in Colorado was to be the Rocky Mountain National Park, but arriving there, we discovered that only a small portion of it was open. It was still winter high up in the mountains. But what did it matter? We took each day as it came, discovering the unexpected, taking pleasure in watching sunsets on the many lakes, driving along spectacular mountain-landscapes.
Next, we wanted to go towards South Dakota and needed thus to cross Nebraska. Maybe it was just a crossing, but it was nice and unexpected. There were a lot of seemingly abandoned places, a lot of big farms, a lot of straight roads. Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge, a place of thousand lakes, buttes, dirt roads and zero other cars, was a nice surprise, and a perfect way to test our van (we got stuck in a lot of sand in the black of night on a never ending dirt road. On the plus side, we got the chance to see a porcupine again!).

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