Spring in Wyoming

For weeks now, we have been longing for this time of the year. Flowers blooming, grass turning green, birds chirping and the sun coming out again. By the 21st of march, we expected to be waking up from the silent and black and white world that is winter, and to emerge into a land of multiple colors and sounds.
Well, we didn’t get any of that in Wyoming. As it turns out, spring doesn’t arrive here before may. We got frozen lakes covered with snow, instead of beautiful reflections in the water. We got rain and clouds, cold winds and freezing nights. It even snowed three or four times.
Yes indeed, Winter is still here in Wyoming, and the wait seems to us as long as a boring class on a Friday afternoon, or the release of the next season (and book) of Game of Thrones.
Were we a little disappointed? Yes. But would we let this affect our trip? Of course not. We spent a lot of time spotting wildlife, we visited small cities, we went to hot springs, we hiked a little bit… And we still didn’t see a bear (we wouldn’t come out of hibernation either with this weather!).

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