Stuff you need in your Van


That’s the stuff you need everyday in any case : clothes, cooking material (please don’t buy disposable plates and cutlery, it’s such a big waste and so much more expensive), cleaning material (for your body and your van), blankets and cushions, electronics and cameras, etc.


  • A tool-box with the usuals
  • Headlights or a rechargeable lamp
  • Camping stove, if you have no more propane in your van or backcountry camping
  • Water container (we have 7,5 liters), fill it whenever possible
  • Fast to cook or ready to eat food (Canned or lyophilisised soups, energy bars, …)
  • Sleeping bags if it gets too cold for the regular blanket. If you’re really cold, a hot water bottle can also help.
  • Some extra gas (we have 5 liters)
  • A bear-spray, a good knife, and a hatchet


  • Some firewood for the barbecues
  • An e-book (it’s so tiny and you can download any book you want when you have wifi! Also, the battery lasts like a month)
  • Some real books (about wildlife for example, or some books about the area you’re visiting)
  • A small music instrument (now is the time to learn!)
  • Some games and movies for the rainy days

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