Grand Teton National Park

A chain of mountains that seem to come from nowhere, numerous big lakes at their feet, a river meandering through meadows, marshes and forests.
But then you look closer, and wonder …
The chain of mountains stands high above us, as a group of silent old grandpas watching over us with their dignity and wisdom, still growing slowly, inch by inch. The lakes seem to hide secrets untold beneath their water. The snake river whispers stories in our ear, about times that were.
When experiencing the Park, these creations of nature become more alive than ever, and each seem to have their own spirit.
We visited the Park in the end of March. It was still a little bit winter : the lakes were frozen and covered with snow, the grass was hidden by a big white blanket, and the trees were still leafless. Unfortunately, the hikes weren’t very accessible because there was still a lot of snow, so we spent our time biking and driving around looking for wildlife. But if we still didn’t see a bear, we enjoyed watching lots of mooses!

Fun Fact : French trappers are responsible for naming the three peaks now known as the South, Middle, and Grand Teton. They called the mountains “Les Trois Tetons,” or “The Three Breasts.” The Grand Teton—the tallest of the three—literally means “the big tit.” The Shoshoni name for the trio of mountains is less crude, translating to “hoary-headed fathers”.


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