Gingolx (or Kinkolith) is one of those places you cannot get out of your head. I don’t know what it is, the salty smell of the sea, the friendly and interesting people, the abundant wildlife, or just the feeling of respect and love for everything around.

It is a village that, not long ago, didn’t have a road leading towards it : you could only access it by boat. Now, it is called “the end of the world”, for a good reason. Sometimes, we even felt out of the world, out of our world.

We stayed a week, tasted the best fish and chips ever, saw three fox dens with little cute foxes, we counted innumerable eagles, bald and golden, that were so in symphony with the people that you could get so close to them you could almost touch them… We talked to people about the environment, politics, internet, fishing, wildlife, and even the Sasquatch (or Bigfoot). Yes, several people were very serious about them and told us a lot of stories of sightings around the area.

We tried to spot a “spirit” bear (also called a kermode bear), which is basically a black bear, but due to a genetic mutation which happens to one bear out of ten, it is white. We were very unlucky, and didn’t see one, but that’s ok, because we had the foxes and the eagles. Anyway, sometimes it is nice to keep some mystery. After all, they are not called spirit bears for nothing!

One thought on “Gingolx

  1. Judging by your marvellous photographs you were eye to eye with quite a few spirit animals after all. What beautiful encounters you two are having!

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