Alexander, 31, was born in Paris and started to take pictures at age 15 with an analog camera. After his baccalaureate, he left for a first long trip to Australia and Indonesia. Back in France, he studied History, Entrepreneurship and International Relations. Through his travels and experiences that conducted him in nearly 60 countries, his look has changed and photography, from a simple way to fix his memory, now takes a more documentary form.

Liza, 26, was born in the South of France. She made her first pictures when she was 12 with her father who taught her the basics of black and white photography.
At age 22, she joined the National School Louis-Lumière in Paris where she obtained a Masters in Photography in 2014.
The topic of her photographs are mainly about nature, the environment and the relationship between mankind and the latter.

We met in early 2014 and share this passion for photography and travel.

Together, we have undertaken several road trips : we travelled in a converted van (one month in Spain and Portugal and one month in France), and camped several weeks in Scotland and in Northern Ireland. Our short breaks include the outskirts of Paris, Normandy, Brittany, Aveyron, Belgium and the Netherlands. For each of these trips, we were in search of nature.

After two years of living in Paris, we decided to undertake this photography project.


Alexandre Zindy   &   Liza Bodt

http://www.alziphoto.com   /   http://www.lizabodt.com
alexandrezindy@hotmail.com   /   liza.bodt@gmail.com